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The process of divorce impacts the whole family. There are certain issues that must be addressed that may shake the foundation of the family. Child custody is a difficult issue for parents to bear. Often times, child custody becomes a heated and emotional issue that leads families to contested divorces, court cases, and escalating legal costs. Parents have worked to establish consistent and positive relationships with their children. The idea that they may have to see their children less can be too much for some to overcome. The Law Office of Omar K. Qadeer, PC has years of experience working with clients who face child custody cases. Our firm is ready to assess your case and represent your interests. If you are facing child custody issues, you have a lot to consider and talking to an attorney is always in your best interests.

Sole custody

When facing child custody, there are a lot of complicated issues. Parents should be aware of what is on the table. Unfortunately, there are times where a court deems a parent “unfit” to be a guardian. Though it is very rare, one parent may be awarded sole custody because the other has:

  • A history of substance abuse
  • A history of domestic violence
  • A history of excessive discipline or emotional abuse of a child
  • A prior conviction of a sexual offense

Sole custody is when one parent is awarded physical and legal custody of a child. The child lives with them and they make all of the important decisions, including decisions related to school, social activities, medical care, and religion without the consent of the other parent. New Jersey courts will always act in the best interest of the child. According to their philosophy, unfit parents should have the opportunity to change and prove themselves. They may award some visitation rights, usually supervised, in order to work towards a modification of the sole custody arrangement and become the parent the child deserves.

Residential, legal, and shared custody

In most custody cases, parents will have to address the issue of residential and legal custody during a divorce case. Residential custody refers to who will spend more time with the children. Most families that have a weekday parent and a weekend parent will have one that is assigned residential custody. When clients face custody issues, legal custody is the most important factor. Legal custody is when one or both parents get to make the important decisions for the children. As stated before, legal custody allows for a guardian to decide on factors related to the child’s:

  • School
  • Social events
  • Religion
  • Medical care

Even if our clients aren’t able to acquire residential custody, we strongly counsel them to fight for legal custody. When a parent loses legal custody, they face a drastically diminished relationship.

In the most fortunate cases, when parents live near each other and can amicably coexist in their child’s life, a shared custody arrangement can be an option. These parents split their time evenly with the child and cooperate to make all the legal decisions together. In these cases, the child’s interests are usually best served because the child continues to have a consistent and ongoing relationship with both parents.

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