Immigration Lawyers in Edison, NJ 

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The Law Office of Omar K. Qadeer, PC handles a wide variety of legal matters for individuals, families, and businesses facing immigration issues. Our law firm handles all family and individual immigration issues, including adjustment of status, green cards, fiancé visas, 3 & 10-year bars, 601A visas, and more. The firm assists clients hoping to obtain all temporary visas, including employment visas, student visas, investor visas, and L visas, just to name a few. We are proud to help clients achieve their citizenship. We also defend clients against deportation and detention. It is important to have quality representation when dealing with immigration issues. Many of these issues are document-heavy and time sensitive. In order to save yourself from the multitude of issues out of your control, contact the Law Offices of Omar K. Qadeer, PC.  

Family & Individual Immigration

Immigration can be a document-heavy and complicated matter. If you or your family are faced with immigration issues, you should contact an attorney to walk you through the process and represent your legal needs or those of your family. The Law Office of Omar K. Qadeer, PC handles all immigration issues for families and individuals, including adjustment of status, green cards, fiancé visa, 3 & 10-year bars, 601A waivers, and more. Our firm focuses its practice on family law and immigration to most effectively advocate on behalf of those whose legal matters intertwine, impacting their immigration status.

Deportation & Detention Defense

When a person is faced with deportation or detention, they need an attorney to fight for their future. The threat of removal can devastate a family. If you are faced with the possibility of deportation based on being out of status or an arrest for a crime, the Law Office of Omar K. Qadeer, PC can effectively represent your interests. In other cases, the uncertainty of immigration detention can impact the lives of a family in waiting. Our firm can help you locate an individual and understand why they are being detained. There are so many variables that can impact one’s immigration status and you deserve a passionate and effective law firm to guide you through your legal matter when your loved one needs help with the USCIS.

Citizenship & Naturalization

One of the greatest pleasures practicing immigration law is when our clients achieve citizenship through naturalization. If you would like to become a citizen of the United States, you will have to file an application for naturalization known as an N-400. In order to be eligible for naturalization, you must be at least 18 years of age and fulfill one of the 4 requirements.

Temporary Visas

Before you can come to the United States, you will have to obtain a visa. Whether you are coming to work, study, you will have to get a temporary visa to legally enter the United States.  There are countless temporary visas available to foreign nationals that need to temporarily enter the country for a variety of reasons. The Law Office of Omar K. Qadeer, PC helps clients achieve their goal of entering the country temporarily. Our firm can help you obtain any of the countless temporary employment visas to you, depending on your employment status and field, including the L visa, investor visas, and student visas.