Testimonials for the Law Offices of Omar K. Qadeer, Esq.


Very Pleased with Omar’s Service! Definitely Recommend Him

“Omar and his team specially Andre have helped me throughout my case. I petition for my brother in India. Both Omar and Andre are very knowledgeable, professional, caring, and thoughtful. Basically, they know what they are doing. I’m an RN. I know, customer satisfaction is very important. They definitely know how to satisfied their customer by providing them the best service, they understand the value of time, and they somehow make time arrangement to fit to their client’s time. Their goal is to help people in need. I am truly grateful for the assistance that I received from Omar and his team.”     – Gurpreet



“I went to Omar Qadeer office for an Immigration case, all my case was not easy at all, and we talk about it. Months pass by and they where there working on it, I called multiple times and they where there. After couple of months I had all of my documents in order, I have to thank and to Andre he was there all the time for my questions and the best of all that he knew all my case. Thank you all. Especially Andre.”     – Miranda


Extremely Helpful and Professional

“The Law Office of Omar Qadeer was extremely helpful and professional in their execution of my case. I am a New Jersey driver, and I received a traffic ticket in Upstate New York. With the help of Mr. Qadeer’s law office, I did not need to drive to an out of state court to resolve the issue (it was all handled remotely) and they also helped me receive a ticket reduction! Throughout the entire process, I received email and phone updates regarding the status of my case, as well as reassurance that my case was being handled with the utmost care. I also felt that I was being treated like a human being. Usually, when I imagine lawyers, it seems very cold and intimidating, however, this office has changed my perception. They were able to explain my situation in simple language that I could understand while also making me feel secure that the issue would be resolved. I highly recommend their office.”     – Nick


One Word: Efficient

“I want to start off by saying that I previously renewed my green card all by myself. This time was different because the process had changed so much since I last did it that I thought that I could use expert help. I found this office online and had no difficulty making an appointment. I was given a checklist and the office took care of the rest. Throughout the process, I was updated and all of my questions were answered. I had to get documents that needed translating, and the even then there were no issues. I just got my green card the other day and I would definitely recommend them to my friends, family, and neighbors.”     – João


Omar Did a Fantastic Job!

“This office did a good job. I was not sure of how my was going to turn out and I was very worried because of the charges against me. I did not commit the crimes I was accused of, and Mr. Qadeer believed in my innocence and fought hard for my case since I first retained him. The Prosecutor was relentless, but so was Mr. Qadeer! He did not give up until I was found not guilty. Mr. Qadeer and his team fought hard for me and believed in me when no one else did. Everything could not have worked out better and I feel like a new man and can move on with my life. I would easily chose these guys to help me again.”     – Nate


Good Representation; Very Smooth Divorce

“This was my first divorce and did no idea what to expect. I’m hoping that this is a one-time process, but if I have to go through a divorce again, I would use Omar. This process could not have started at a more difficult time in my life. On top of having to take care of the children, I just started a new job and going into the office was hard for me. He sympathized with my situation and we were able to communicate through the phone and through e-mail, which put my mind at ease that I didn’t have to come in. When I had questions I would call and ask and the office answered my questions. I’m happy that the process is now finalized and I would use these guys.”     – Yeta


Great Defense Firm; They were Prepared and Knowledgeable

“I hired this office to represent me for a restraining order that went to trial. This was a great defense firm. I feel like this office worked around the clock on my case; they also worked around my hours and were able to meet with me despite my schedule. Omar was very knowledgeable and prepared for the trial and I was very pleased with the result. Very fair legal fees for the service received.”     – John


Very Friendly, Very Reasonable and Got the Job Done

“I used this law firm for my immigration matter. They were friendly and even offered me a payment plan, which other attorneys in the area refused to do. My case was very complicated, but they stuck to it and I am now a green card holder. Thank you to this firm.”     – Han


Excellence at its Finest

“I had a Restraining Order and called this office on recommendation from my friend. I was completely unaware of what was going on and I was new in this country. This office took control of my case from the very beginning. They understood my financial situation and that I did not have a lot of money at the time. There was an immigration part to my case and throughout all my different matters, there were 0 delays and I couldn’t have asked for a better result!”     – Singh


Professionals who Took a Personal Interest in my Case

“Omar and his team are a young team of professionals who helped me with my case in an exceptional way. They guided me with suggestions, patiently explained legal matters, and represented my case in a way that gave me best results given the circumstances. They were reachable even at late hours in the evening and that made it very easy for me to deal with my situation as I work in NYC and couldn’t always leave work early to make it in time for my meetings with Omar. I definitely recommend their services.”     – Rajiv


Additional Testimonials About the Law Offices of Omar K. Qadeer, Esq.